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Carpet,Upholstery,Tile & Grout Cleaning
 Stu's Carpet Clean
        Truck Mount Steam Cleaning Services.

                Serving San Diego, CA since 1991.

 Let us bring out your true colors!  Because you live on it, have it 
professionally steam cleaned each year. We know how to treat you 
and your carpets, tiles and upholstery with courteous knowledgable care.
Call today to set an appointment for cleaning Monday through Saturday .

    Services include pre-conditioning spots and most furniture moved.

   Estimated Prices Vary depending on soiling, type, color, and size of areas.

   Small Area rugs           $5 to $15 per 3x6 rug     
   Orientals, Large rugs   $25 to $50 per 9x12 rug
   Wall to wall areas       $30 to $40 per 12x12 room
   Portable services        $50 to $60  per 12x12 room
   Each Staircase            $40 to $50    

    Travertine      $75 to $90 per 12x12 area  
    Ceramic Tile   $60 to $80 per 12x12 area
    Re-Sealing     $15 per 12x12 area

    Dining chairs    $5 each chair
    Recliners          $25 to $40
    Loveseat          $40 to $60
    Sofas              $75 to $90
    Sectional          $120 to $150  

    Minimum charge $75 most areas, credit cards accepted.

           Call Today for an Appointment  619-291-3437

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